Rejuvenate Your Skin With Laser Hair Removal

Laser therapy rejuvenates the skin with little downtime. It also helps with the treatment of acne scars and hyperpigmentation.

Our state-of-the-art equipment pinpoints blood vessels and red marks, causing them to disappear without damaging surrounding tissue. It also reduces enlarged pores, redness and sunburn freckles. Our patients report that this procedure is comfortable and painless.

Reduces Wrinkles

Our state-of-the-art Laser hair removal reduces wrinkles and fine lines by targeting the collagen beneath your skin’s surface. This rejuvenating process stimulates new skin growth to tighten and firm your skin, resulting in smoother, brighter, more even skin tone and texture.

Our IPL system sends out light waves of different lengths that penetrate the skin without damaging the top layer. The shorter wavelengths are absorbed by dark spots, freckles and sunburn scars (acne scars) and converted to heat, which destroys the pigment.

Our numbing cream is applied to the treatment area before the session, but discomfort should be minimal. You will need multiple treatment sessions for best results. The results are long-lasting if you moisturize well after your treatments.

Reduces Redness

Laser treatments can also improve the appearance of discoloration, fine lines and other blemishes caused by sun damage. For example, port wine stains, red flushed skin and thread veins often respond well to laser treatment.

Ablative lasers, such as the carbon dioxide laser (CO2) and the erbium YAG laser, are most effective at reducing fine lines and balancing or eliminating skin discoloration. However, these types of lasers typically require the longest downtime and recovery periods.

Clients who undergo laser skin resurfacing usually experience a pink to red color in the treated areas as they heal. Makeup can be used to hide this temporary color change until it fades completely.

Reduces Age Spots

Laser hair reduction is an excellent treatment for reducing age spots, freckles, melasma & other types of pigmentation. The treatment is virtually painless and performed as a comfortable in-house procedure.

The neodymium:YAG laser sends light pulses that are absorbed by the skin’s melanin pigment. This pigmentation absorbs the light and thereby destroys the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Laser hair reduction reduces unwanted hair growth in areas such as the face, legs and bikini line. It is a convenient alternative to shaving or waxing and is suitable for almost all skin colors including dark hair. It can also be used to treat hyperpigmentation such as melasma. A series of treatments is recommended to achieve optimal results. Most patients require three to six sessions spaced a few months apart.

Reduces Sunburn Freckles

A laser treatment can reduce sun damage and freckles on your legs, chest, shoulders or face. Using precise, surgical-grade lasers, your dermatologist can target specific structures in the skin without damaging nearby tissue. Different dermatologic lasers exist because each one damages only certain molecules in the skin. Water, hemoglobin and melanin absorb light energy. Water molecules in the epidermis and upper dermis absorb long IR (infrared) waves, while hemoglobin and melanin absorb short IR wavelengths.

We recommend avoiding tanning or heavy sun exposure prior to laser treatments. Patients with darker skin tones are more likely to experience hypopigmentation or lighter areas of pigmentation after treatment. A bleaching agent may be prescribed to lighten these areas. These complications are less common when the procedure is performed by a trained, experienced laser technician.

Reduces Rosacea

Whether you’re dealing with red thread veins or the diffused redness that defines rosacea, laser treatment can help. Using an Erbium YAG laser we can target the dilated vessels that create the surface discoloration of rosacea. This reduces the appearance of broken capillaries & pore size while helping to tone uneven areas of skin & eliminate hyperpigmentation.

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is the gold standard in treating rosacea. The heat energy of this treatment destroys the oxyhemoglobin in blood cells which causes visible blood vessels to collapse and diminish the redness associated with this condition. Patients report outstanding results which can significantly improve their appearance and keep flare-ups under control. The results of a rosacea laser treatment also last longer than topical medications.